Gov. Haley addresses evacuations ahead of Matthew

Gov. Nikki Haley addresses storm update

In a press conference Thursday evening, Governor Nikki Haley addressed evacuations. The evacuations have been extended to include zone B as well as zone A. If you are unsure of your zone, click here.

According to Gov. Haley, as of 3:00 p.m. Thursday, 280,000 people have evacuated.

Following a weather briefing, she stressed, “This is the time we absolutely need you to go out. I mean when we’re looking at storm surges that surpass Hugo, you know it’s a problem. And when you’re looking at the tropical winds that are coming and the rainfall that we could have, if it slows down, considerably more rainfall, all of those are factors.”

President Obama called Gov. Haley and offered his support today. FEMA is on the ground in Charleston and the federal emergency declaration for direct assistance has been approved. This means all the crucial items needed prior to the storm, like cots, food and generators for shelters, are now available and in place.

Gov. Haley also took time to thank law enforcement, first responders, the national guard, DOT crews and others for the long hours and hard work put in to prepare the city and facilitate evacuations.

“They are doing all this to take care of you. They’re doing all this to prepare. If you respect what they’re doing, please evacuate because they’re doing this to save you, and eventually we’re going to have to move them out so they’re safe.”

Gov. Haley also warned the I-26 lane reversal would end Friday so crews can prep for the storm. Also, all high-level bridges will be closed once wind speeds reach 40 miles per hour.

The National Guard and law enforcement are transitioning to security roles to maintain safety and order during and after the storm.

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