Plans underway to widen, improve I526 between West Ashely and North Charleston

The 526 Lowcountry Corridor project extends along existing Interstate 526 from Rivers Avenue to Paul Cantrell Boulevard.

The roughly 8-mile-long project is proposed to reduce congestion, improve traffic conditions and enhance safety along a heavily traveled segment of I-526.

This segment of I-526 has been identified by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) as one of South Carolina’s more congested segments of interstate. High traffic volumes create considerable congestion during the weekday morning and afternoon peak commuting periods. Several factors are expected to compound this congestion, including the current trend of regional population growth, industrial expansion along the corridor specifically at the Charleston International Airport, and the opening of a new container terminal by the South Carolina Ports Authority.

Congestion increases the cost of travel, reduces productivity and competitiveness for our industries, and adversely affects the environment. Finding effective solutions for this corridor that are consistent with the needs of the community has become a statewide priority.

The estimated schedule for the 526 Lowcountry Corridor is: 

  •  NEPA PROCESS: January 2016 to early-2019
  • ALTERNATIVES DEVELOPMENT: Mid-2016 to mid-2020
  • RIGHT-OF-WAY/ FINAL DESIGN: Mid-2019 to early-2022
  • CONSTRUCTION: Begin in mid-2020

This project should not be confused with the extension of the Mark Clark Expressway, which is the completion of I-526 from its current end at U.S. 17 (Savannah Highway) to an end at S.C. 171 (Folly Road).

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