Community continues to support Townville as teachers head back to work

TOWNVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Teachers at Townville Elementary return to work Tuesday morning for the first time since a teenage gunman shot six- year- old, Jacob Hall and wounded several others.

Hall died Saturday afternoon from his injuries.

The community is trying to make the recovery easier by holding fundraisers and giving their support.

The Domino’s on Highway 24 in Anderson County gave all proceeds they made between 5 and 9 Monday night to the Hall family.

“I’m not here for the pizza,” community member, Kimberly Whitlock said. “I’m here to support the family and everything they have going on, and when I leave here I do plan on going to get my kids superhero shirts.”

The Domino’s raised more than $4500 for the Hall family. The owner told WSPA at one point they made 400 pizzas in an hour.

“It’s very sad because he didn’t have many years,” former Townville Elementary student, Kaleb Whitaker said. “I hope he had the best six years.”

Compass of Carolina senior therapist, Neil Sondov, said the support from the community should make the transition going back to school easier.

“You don’t have to do this alone, and it seems like they have a very good community, a very supportive community,” Sondov said.

Anderson District Four is bringing teachers back to school two days earlier than students, giving them counseling to help them cope, so they can help their students.

“For them to have gone back in and first thing to have to worry about is15, 20, 25, youngsters as your students who are looking to you not only for the everyday guidance, but the guidance through this situation, would have been completely overwhelming,” Sondov said.

Sondov said when the kids do come back teachers and parents should look out for different behavior.

“Extremes on either end, for kids who don’t seem to be doing well at all and kids who seem to be doing too well,” Sondov said.

He says after a traumatic event like the shooting it’s most important that people affected are taking care of themselves.

“All anybody needs to do is the best they can,” Sondov said. “There are no easy answers. There are no miracles. It’s going to take time.”

Jacob Hall’s visitation will be Tuesday from 5 to 9 at Oakdale Baptist Church in Townville.

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