Two suspects faced an Orangeburg judge charged with murdering 4 in Holly Hill

Two more suspects in the quadruple murder that happened in Holly Hill last year went through an arraignment hearing Monday afternoon. 
The people of Holly Hill are starting to feel a little less unease, as more and more of the suspects in that deadly shooting are arrested. 
As multiple murder charges were read to Derrick Coleman in an Orangeburg courtroom, back in Holly Hill there is relief. Roger Edwards owns JR’s Thrift Shop. “I think it eased a lot of nerves and people can sleep again in their house with the door unlocked like they used to.”
He says for more than a year, he’s heard nothing but questions. “Who did it? What was going on? a lot of undertow. A lot of people, ‘This person did it. That person could be it. Could be the mob. Could be drug-related.’ you just didn’t know.”
But now 3 people have been charged with murder. At their hearing Monday afternoon, Coleman and Antly Scott faced a judge who explained their 4 murder charges, other charges and their rights. 
We asked Sheriff Leroy Ravenell about concerns some in the community have that other suspects may be out there. “That’s my concern also. As you know, this is still an ongoing investigation. I told you the other day that there would possibly be some more charges, and I can tell you now strongly that there will be some more charges.”
The sheriff would not say who would be charged or what those charges will be. Last week, Robert Bailey was charged with murder in this case. 
3 people have been were charged with obstruction of justice in this case. 
A spokeswoman for the victim’s family told the court that they intent to be part of this process to see justice served.

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