The Latest: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew continues to carve a slow path of destruction through the Caribbean.

Matthew is impacting Haiti and Cuba today and will head north into the Bahamas Wednesday and Thursday

Although it’s still days away, the US east coast is waiting.

As of  now, the projected path takes the center of Matthew near or just east of Florida Friday with a turn to the northeast expected Saturday.  This would place the hurricane near or just east of the South Carolina coast during the day Saturday.

Matthew is already blamed for at least four deaths, including two fishermen in Haiti.

Local forecast for the Lowcountry:

Tuesday morning: The eye of dangerous hurricane Matthew is located near Haiti and will head north through the day.  Matthew is a powerful category four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale.  As Matthew moves north through the Bahamas and nears the southeastern United States coast later this week, rain chances will steadily increase.  Expect passing showers Wednesday and Thursday with gusty northeast winds.  Weather conditions will deteriorate Friday afternoon through Saturday as Matthew makes its closest approach.  Rain will be likely with possible tropical storm or hurricane conditions across parts of the area.

Life-threatening rain, wind, and storm surge expected in parts of Haiti today.

Portions of southern Haiti could pick up isolated storm totals of rainfall as high as 40 inches with category four sustained winds and life-threatening storm surge.

By the time it is offshore the South Carolina coast it will likely be a Category 2 or 3 storm. The question is how close to our coast will Matthew track?

A farther west track would bring greater impacts — while a farther east track would bring fewer impacts.

The track has shifted a bit west, and at the very least, we should expect some impacts including rough surf, rip currents, beach erosion, and at least some rain and wind along the coast.

Those impacts could begin as early as Wednesday night and continue on Saturday before Matthew exits to our north and east.

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