Historic Flooding: ‘Underwater Wedding’

Boone Hall wedding vendors decorated a flooded venue one year ago today. They hoped the water would recede before the wedding scheduled hours after this photo was taken.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — This week marks one year since the historic floods of October 2015, but October 3 also marks another anniversary connected to those floods.

The McMahons are celebrating one year of marriage. They exchanged vows a year ago during the floods at Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens.

The bride, Kelly, had picked the venue months before the storms.

“I’ve always had a vision of going down that road on my wedding day,” Kelly said.

“She had it picked out before we even got engaged,” said her now-husband, Mark.

However, Kelly’s vision for her perfect wedding day changed as soon as the rain started just a day before they were to have their wedding.

“I just said, ‘whatever, let’s see what happens’,” said Mark.

For Kelly, only one thing mattered.

“Everyone that was traveling from out of town was there,” she said.

That meant dozens of people were in Charleston County during this historic flood, and they had to gather near the Cotton Dock at the outdoor.

The wedding planner, Natalie Knox called Rob Fowler, who suggested she cancel the wedding.

But, that wasn’t an option.

Knox and her crew decorated the venue while standing in deep water.

“When we showed up there were people kayaking over the Cotton Dock,” said Mark.

Luckily though, the ceremony was several hours later, which allowed time for some of the water to recede.

“There was still water. My veil and dress were catching a little bit, and it got wet pretty quickly,” said Kelly.

Once the ceremony began though, the sun peeked through.

They exchanged vows committing to stand by each other—even in the rain.

“I don’t think it was ever really a decision for us. Everybody was there; we were having a great time,” said Mark.

“It was awesome,” said Kelly.

The McMahon’s wedding party is one of the only parties to be allowed to take photos inside the Plantation home.

Family and friends say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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