Folly Beach prepares for Hurricane Matthew effects

All eyes of the Lowcountry are on Hurricane Matthew. But today at Folly Beach, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for the beach. People did not seem concerned about the storm.

With clear skies, and a light breeze, it was perfect weather to fly a kite.

Beachgoer Betty Bessette says, “We’ve got a great, big, open beach. We need a football field to fly our kites and a day like this is perfect. The weather’s nice, the breeze is good, and the breeze is going straight down the beach instead of over the ocean or marsh.”

Betty and her husband have traveled from North Carolina to Folly Beach for the past 19 years to fly these kites, but this year, Hurricane Matthew could cut the trip short.

She says, “If they tell us we need to evacuate the campground we would go home, otherwise we will be here.”

Folly Beach Public Safety says they are closely monitoring the storm, but it is too soon to tell what exactly the impacts will be, and people should not panic.

Folly Beach Public Safety Director, Andrew Gilreath, says, “We have a lot of really highly trained professionals. We have meteorologists and emergency managers that are tracking the storm and they will definitely let the people in the tri-counties know and if there is a significant risk they will definitely be putting the word out to everybody.”

Families can prepare by making sure they have a hurricane plan and safety kit in place.

Gilreath says, “Whether where it they’re going to be able to go, whether it’s storm supplies in their residence  if they choose that route, but I think these warning and potentials are always a good time for folks to take a look at their own plans and make sure they’re up to speed.”

For now, people are soaking up the great weather as long as they can.

Bessette says, “Charleston is lovely, it doesn’t matter what’s happening.”

The City of Folly Beach reminds everyone that no matter where this storm ends up, it will increase risks for rip currents, so be cautious in the water.

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