Woman says ex-boyfriend nearly beat her to death

A man is in the Berkeley County jail tonight, accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend.  And she’s sharing her story with News 2 in hopes other women may not go through the same ordeal.

Devin Cragg says she broke up with Timothy Brock last weekend.  But after she texted an old boyfriend, she says Brock became enraged and began to beat her.

“Ripped all of my clothes off me until I was completely naked,” Cragg said.  “Started kicking me in my ribs, threw me into the bathtub, tried to drown me and choke me at the same time.  And all I could think about was my family.”

Cragg says she doesn’t want revenge against Brock, but just wants to warn other potential victims of domestic violence.

“I want to help other girls understand that not only should they get away, but they should forgive and forget.  They should not have anything to do with that guy anymore.”

Brock is in jail under a $50,000 bond.  It’s his second domestic violence charge, and he’s been charged with harassing other women.  When he was in court earlier this week, the judge added a contempt of court charge because of his behavior.

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