Utility trailer similar to one pictured stolen from Ladson road storage facility

Tonight a utility trailer with about $20,000 worth of tools is missing from a Summerville storage facility. 
Glenn Powell contacted News 2 because he wants to get the word out about his construction trailer that was stolen early Saturday morning from Devon Self Storage on Ladson Road.

Powell operates his construction business out of a large utility trailer similar to the one in the photo. After work, he dropped his trailer off as usual, and locked it up at Devon Self Storage.

“I got in the truck and left around 3:30 Friday. When I arrived there 5:45 Monday morning to pick my trailer up, it was gone.”

Six men work on his crew, depending on his business for their income. $20k in tools were in the trailer, and he learned after it was stolen that his business insurance did not cover this type of loss. “It’s an 8.5′ x 18′ trailer- silver. It’s got ladder racks on top it’s really hard to miss.”

Wednesday afternoon, Glenn was able to look at pictures the police showed him from security cameras, but they would not let him have copies of the photos or video, as they say that is evidence.

One concern Glenn has is the fact that the key code gates at the entrance to the storage facility are having issues. “The gates have not opened or closed properly for several weeks now.”

We spoke to an official with Devon Self Storage. She said after the trailer was stolen, they decided to hire private security at the site until the gates can be replaced. 

Glenn says the investigator DID show him photos from the security video Wednesday. He said it looked like a newer white or silver Dodge Ram crew cab pickup truck. The police department may release photos or video of the suspect and his vehicle later.

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