Summerville neighborhood concerned about “dangerous” neighbors

You know when there’s something up with your neighbors. A parent emailed News 2 concerned about what she’s calling “dangerous neighbors”. With a bus stop nearby, she wants police to pay close attention. When News 2 walked around the Corey Hill neighborhood today, most people gave the same response. At the mention of crime, people would say, “you must be talking about the rental house on the corner”. One mother spoke to News 2, but asked to remain anonymous for the safety of her family.

She says, “We’ve thought about selling our house and moving because we see a turn in the neighborhood and it’s generally coming from one direction and that happens to be that one family living at the end of the street.”

In the past two months alone, police have been to that house four times; for a shooting, theft, drugs, and an arrest for an armed robbery in Goose Creek. Parents tell News 2 they know about all that and more.

One mother says, “I did hear of a child being beat up and having to go to the hospital on the street next to us. We’ve had bicycles stolen and found in their possession. We believe we’ve seen drug deals happen, but again, how do you prove that? We see two people interacting and it’s just like you see on TV, it looks like a drug deal going down.”

She says out of fear, her children can’t play outside like they used to.

She says, “They’re young teenagers and they are only allowed to go 2-3 houses in either direction. They are not allowed to walk around the block by themselves and they are definitely not allowed to go in the direction of that house down the street.”

Neighbors say they have installed security cameras and notify each other of suspicious activity. The house is a rental and the neighbors say they have heard rumors these people are being evicted. News 2 asked Summerville PD if they plan to increase patrol in the area, and they say the are already “very proactive in that community”.

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