Puppy Picks – Week 4

puppy-picks-astro-draftedMOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — Meet Astro Snoopy Clemons, a beagle known for being more regal than a bald eagle at the Charleston Animal Society.

The pup is four-and-a-half-years old and being the hound dog that he is, Astro is always sniffing out where his future could be. Hopefully, it’s with you.

He’s smelling out a winner in Sunday night’s matchup as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Astro’s sense of smell leads him to the away team! The brave beagle is going with the upset, Kansas City over Pittsburgh.

The showdown between the Chiefs and Steelers begin Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on WCBD News 2.

For more information on Astro Snoopy Clemons, check out the Charleston Animal Society, here.




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