News 2 I-Team: Harbour Lake Drive crumbling, county, state not responsible

End of State Maintenance sign just before entrance to Spring Hill Apartments on Harbour Lake Drive in Berkeley County.

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Hundreds of Berkeley County taxpayers live along a several hundred foot stretch Harbour Lake Drive near Goose Creek. The road is crumbling, and neither the state, nor county are responsible for it.

That did not sit well with a viewer who contacted the News 2 I-Team.

We immediately reached out to Berkeley County Supervisor William Peagler to see why the road has been allowed to deteriorate to its current condition.

“I directed County staff including the engineering, roads and bridges, GIS, and legal departments to research this matter,” Peagler said in a letter to homeowners in the Greens Lake condos, owners of the Spring Hill Apartments, and the I-Team. “There are no records that this section of the road was ever accepted into the County’s maintenance program.”

According to an encroachment agreement from 1973, the SCDOT granted a developer permission to build the road on a state right of way. The agreement does not spell out who is responsible for maintenance, however a sign near the entrance to the Spring Hill Apartments spells out that the state is not responsible.

“The County is prohibited by state law and County ordinance from using public resources on private roads absent certain extraordinary circumstances such as public health or medical emergencies,” Peagler added.

Residents we spoke to say the worst of Harbour Lake Drive falls along the property owned by the Spring Hill Apartments. According to property records, ownership has changed hands several times in the last few years. The current owner, Princeton Enterprises, is based in Michigan. We tried several times to get in touch with someone who could answer questions, but so far, nobody has called us back.

“We need to address it,” said Berkeley County Councilman Tommy Newell. “That’s something that I will address with the administration, our roads and bridges department. There could be something that we could do to help in the interim until the property owner resurfaces the road.”

In the letter Peagler sent to the owners, he offered up the provision in County code that allows for an owner of a private road to petition the County to accept a road into the Berkeley County maintenance system.

So far the owners have not responded to the County either.





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