Army apologizes after errant tweet calls Trump a liar

Trump announced June 16, 2015 he will run in the Republican presidential primary. (AP Photo)

Washington (CNN) The US Army issued an apology Wednesday after its official Twitter account posted a tweet saying Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “lies once every 3 minutes, 15 seconds.”

The post, which included a link to an article on, was quickly removed Tuesday but not before it was seen by other social media users.
A screenshot of the errant tweet was posted on the “US Army WTF! Moments” Facebook page.

The Army said that the errant tweet was due to a mistake by a manager of its social media account.
“An employee responsible for the Army’s social media accounts mistakenly posted a political article to the Army’s Twitter page that was intended for her personal account,” according to an official US Army statement provided to CNN.
“The post is not the official position of the US Army,” the statement added, saying that the employee responsible has had their access to the Army’s social media account suspended.
“We apologize for any confusion this may have caused our followers.”

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