News 2 I-Team: Scenic Highway Speeders?

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — You may have seen signs around your neighborhoods that say, “drive as if your children live here.” Those signs may be authored by parents concerned about speeders near their home.

Riverland Drive is near James Island, which is designated a Scenic Highway. Residents say many people use the road as a short cut from Johns Island to other parts of James Island and Folly Beach.

Even Google Maps directs you down Riverland Drive.

However, what worries Riverland residents are the types of vehicles traveling that road, and their speed

Will Richter works from home. He says he watches large commercial and dump trucks speed past his home on Riverland Drive.

The speed limit is 35.

“While I was sitting at my desk, a cement truck actually shook my house. It felt like a small earthquake,” Richter said.

Richter says he’s complained to police before:

“Last year, I called traffic control and they said they were going to send someone out here. They may have, but I didn’t see them,” he said.

Richter isn’t alone in his concern. Neighbors who have children also complain.

“Sometimes the trucks are fully loaded, sometimes they’re empty, sometimes they go really fast,” said Vic Brandt, who lives next door to Richter. Brandt has a young child.

“If you have a very heavy industrial truck that has to swerve or get out of the way of something, there’s nothing stopping it except our front porches and our homes,” he said.

News 2 used a radar detector to at what speed drivers travel.

Richter says morning is the busiest time of day.

The most common speeds the News 2 I-team clocked ranged from 42 to 45 miles per hour for a variety of vehicles, which is over the speed limit.

Richter thinks that’s too fast.

“There’s no need. That incremental speed from 35 to 45 would save them seconds on this stretch of road,” he said.

A section of South Carolina state law lays out guidelines for a road’s maximum speed. It states interstates and freeways are set to be 70 mph. Multilane, divided highways are suggested 60 mph. 55 to 45 is the suggested speed for other roads.

30 mph is set for urban roads, which are roads lined strictly with businesses and residences.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles also has the authority to conduct investigations into proper speeds for certain roads.

The agency also says drivers will drive whatever speed they want, despite the speed limit. It says the only way to make drivers lower their speed is for authorities to enforce the law.

The part of Riverland Drive in question falls under City of Charleston Police jurisdiction. Officials say they plan to assign more patrol to that area.

At around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, police say they issued two traffic tickets within 30 minutes.

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