Group studying Charleston’s “Historic Flood” resiliency


Almost a year after flood waters ravaged South Carolina, a group is studying how the state bounced back.

The Resilient America program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine is in Charleston County this week compiling data. “We are just really here looking to have a conversation with the public and learn about of their experiences with floods,” said Danielle Nagele, an associate program officer.

Charleston County is a pilot community for the program that is aimed at finding out what did and did not work for locals in recovery after the flood. “Hopefully work with a few community members,” said Nagel, “to help them work out challenges and opportunities when it comes to flood resilience.”

The non-profit says they will leave it up to the community if they want the data gathered to be submitted to county leaders. “We’re here to help and facilitate in any way we can,” said Nagele who has a PhD in emergency management, “we leave it up to them for how they to use the information and they best way for them to use us.”

The next Resilient America program meeting will be held at Laing Middle School in Mount Pleasant this Wednesday at 6 p.m.

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