Close to 14 pounds of marijuana found in Berkeley County Drug Bust

Several pounds of marijuana seized and one man arrested on drug charges after an investigation in Berkeley County. 56-year-old Neville Sealey faces charges of distribution of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute in proximity to a school, and trafficking marijuana. Deputies found the stash of drugs just steps away from Goose Creek High School. Looking at the way the drugs were packed, Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis says he has no doubt the drugs were prepped for sale.

He says, “If you look at it, the way it’s packaged in bags, it’s ready for sale. There is absolutely no question about it. There is no medical purpose going on here, I can assure you.”

It’s 13.8 pounds of marijuana worth $62,000.

Sheriff Lewis says, “It’s fairly large compared to some of the other busts in the past. We don’t really gauge it by size a lot of times, it’s about getting the dealer and supplier of the street at whatever level they are in the hierarchy.”

Some of the drugs were found at Sealey’s, and some at TD&J Body Shop on Red Bank Road. The Sheriff says after receiving tips from the community, they sent in undercover deputies.

Sheriff Lewis says, “We’re working with the community now, and we’re going to put a stop to it because they want us to put a stop to it.”

He says the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is working to build a strong relationship with the area and that’s how they’re going to get these tips.

The Sheriff says, “They trust us and they’re giving us the information we need to solve these issues for them.”

If you suspect any drugs are being sold, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office wants to know and they say you can remain anonymous.

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