What we can all learn from the Yahoo hack

Following the hack of 500 million Yahoo email accounts, there’s a new warning today.

Cyber security experts are warning Yahoo users to watch out for emails claiming you need to change your password.

And whether you use Yahoo or not, there’s a lesson we can all learn from this data breach, the importance of being proactive about our password security.

Yahoo says the hack likely dates back to 2014. The company is urging people who have not changed their password since then, to do so right away.

Bob Porter in Spartanburg admits, “I haven’t changed my password, I mean it’s the same password I started with.” That was 12 years ago.

Now he’s vulnerable to scam emails that may look like their from Yahoo urging you to click on a bogus link to change your password.

John Sniderman with Pivotal IT in Spartanburg says you can’t rely on companies to protect you anymore… You have to make it hard for hackers.

“Hackers have tools {tighten} that they can find out what user name your using and test it across multiple websites. They’ll go through maybe linked in, Facebook other common websites, and then they also have tools, scripts they can run in the background that will brute force test your password as well if they don’t gain access.”

Here’s the checklist:
– Don’t reuse passwords for any important accounts
– Set a reminder to change them at least 3 times a year.
– And the more complex the better.

“I have a hard time keeping up with passwords because you say, OK, I use this password, I use this password and then you forget the password,” said Porter.

Here’s a trick for that. Use a phrase, or better yet, the first letter of each word in that phrase. “I Was Born On September 3 In South Carolina becomes IWBOS3ISC. Stick in a hyphen somewhere and you’re giving hackers a headache.”

You may want also want to visit HaveIBeenPwnd to see if your email was ever part of breach.

“I think everybody’s vulnerable and I think, they just got to safeguard themselves,” said Porter.

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