Video shows Maryland middle school students chanting racial slur

A video posted on Facebook Tuesday night shows Maryland middle school students chanting a racial slur on a school bus.

The father of the eighth grade student who recorded the video said she first asked the Frost Middle School students on the bus to stop using the word. When they didn’t, she told them she would start recording. Her father said he was outraged when he saw the video Tuesday night. He drove to the school Wednesday morning to meet with administrators.

His daughter was so upset by the incident he decided to keep her home from school today. The students chanting were emulating a video they saw on Vine, according to a Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman.

“The students were chanting words from this video, and certainly it was offensive,” Frost Principal Dr. Joey Jones said.

Both Jones and the school district said the language used is unacceptable and the students involved will be disciplined. The school district plans to use the incident as a teachable moment, the MCPS spokesman said.

“This is an upsetting thing, but we’re going to use this to further educate our students,” Jones said.

The school will hold an assembly on diverse cultures and have a conversation about racially tinged words. Parents said they’re hoping that will help students learn a valuable lesson from a hurtful video.

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