Major restaurant chains fail scorecard on antibiotics use in meat and poultry

What’s in the food you eat?

A new report is grading the top 25 restaurant chains on the use of antibiotics in their meat and poultry.

The group behind the study claims a majority of them are failing to keep antibiotics out of the meals they serve.

The new report called Chain Reaction II was compiled by six non-profits. It gives 16 of 25 top restaurant chains a failing grade for serving meat and poultry the group claims is pumped routinely with antibiotics.

“Anti-biotics resistance is now a top tier public health crisis. And 70% of the antibiotics important in human medicine go to the livestock industry. And most are used not to treat sick animals but they are used profilactically to keep animals from getting sick in bad conditions and to grow animals fatter faster,” said Sasha Stashwick with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

NRDC calls out KFC as one of the biggest offenders on the Antibiotics policies and practices scorecard.

KFC told 7 News “Our position on antibiotics is currently being reviewed to determine the viability for our suppliers to go beyond the FDA guidelines.”

Dunkin Donuts, the only company to drop from a passing to a failing grade contested the results saying: “Our animal welfare policy prohibits suppliers from using antibiotics in healthy animals.”

One bright spot in the 2016 report is that the number of restaurants with passing grades this year doubled over last year’s report.

Chipotle and Panera Bread remained the only companies that got straight A’s.

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