Tajh Boyd’s assault charge dropped, must do community service


GREENVILLE (WSPA) – An assault charge against former Clemson football star Tajh Boyd was dropped Wednesday morning provided he meets certain conditions.

Boyd was charged with assault after a bouncer at the On The Roxx bar claimed the football star shoved him when Boyd wasn’t allowed to enter the business.

The man knocked down a woman after the incident in July.

Boyd turned himself into Greenville Police on September 6 after the charge was filed.

The charge was dropped Wednesday after a court appearance in Greenville. Boyd must do 40 hours of community service, pay any restitution to the victim for medical bills and remain on good behavior.

Andy Sink, a representative for Boyd released this written statement from the former Clemson star:

“I am pleased to announce that all charges against me have been dismissed!  I want to thank my faithful friends, family, fans, media and members of our community for all your support!  I have been encouraged by so many of your comments and messages throughout this process and for your friendship I am eternally grateful!  I look forward to sharing this experience with our youth as I use my testimony to heighten understanding and develop growth within the next generation.  

Reputation is defined as the common opinion that people have about someone; therefore our reputation is at the hands of others.  The only thing we can control is our character!  I look forward to enhancing mine and I’m anxious to see what lies ahead.  Last but certainly not least, I want to thank God for granting me the platform to be a blessing in the lives of so many.  This is not a responsibility I take lightly and I will do my best to accomplish the purpose he has for me.”

On the Roxx said in a statement on Facebook earlier this month that the business didn’t press the charge against Boyd or bring the allegation to police.

That statement indicated the bouncer was an “independent contractor hired to work the front door” who personally filed charges against Boyd.

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