SCE&G requesting rate increase


SCE&G is asking for yet another rate increase. But, the company claims you wouldn’t see it on your bill. Considering the number of increases we’ve seen in recent years, some people are skeptical. SCE&G is asking for a 3.06% increase and prices have spiked eight times in the past seven years.SCE&G is asking the Public Works Commission for the increase to offset the cost of their $14 billion nuclear station under construction in Jenkinsville. Customers say it’s not their job to pay for it.

One man says, “I don’t know much about nuclear reactors, but it sounds pretty scary.”

One woman says, “We shouldn’t be paying for that type of stuff, I mean to increase our energy bill to pay for that? That’s ridiculous.”

But in a statement, SCE&G says customers shouldn’t see a hit. COO Steve Byrne is quoted saying, “By passing lower fuel costs from our efforts to ensure a balanced and diversified fuel mix to our customers, residential customers will see lower bills at the end of the year than they were receiving at the beginning of 2016.”

The South Carolina Coastal Conservation League is speaking out against the hike and says if the Public Works Commission decides it needs to be approved, it should be required for SCE&G to support more programs that would lead to lower power bills overall.

Coastal Conservation League Communications Director, Alan Hancock, says, “there are energy efficiency programs that SCE&G has currently and we encourage them to expand those programs to residential users, commercial users, that either provide technical assistance or finance that allow folks to take advantage of new technology that at the end of the day, their power bills do go down.”

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