Members of National Action Network want Jamestown Police Chief to resign


The controversy over a Facebook comment made by the Jamestown Police Chief is growing. Some say they want Chief John High to be removed from his position.
Rick Fordham has lived in Jamestown for about 40 years. “My family history is here so that’s why I am here. It’s a nice peaceful town.”
That’s why he was shocked to learn that Jamestown Police Chief John High wrote a comment to a woman on a Facebook discussion, “What’s that saying? Once you go black, you’re a single mom?”
Fordham said, “For him to say something like that was really surprising to me… (With) what’s going on in America today with cops and black people, for a white cop, which he is a white cop, to make those kind of statement… he’s the police chief, I think that’s quite offensive to the black people or to all people.”
Fordham does not buy that Chief High says he was just joking on his own time. “You have to govern your tongue. You can’t just say anything you want to say. The whole world is listening to these Twitter pages and social media. You just can’t come on and say these things. Once something comes out your mouth, it’s out your mouth.”

Elder James Johnson with the National Action Network says they plan to hold a press conference tomorrow (Thursday) at noon in Jamestown. They want to see the chief lose his job.

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