Cool School: Boulder Bluff Elementary


Boulder Bluff Elementary in Goose Creek continues to make academic gains while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere for students. We’re in Berkeley county for our first Cool School for the new school year.

Located in Goose Creek, Boulder Bluff is sa community school with more than 800 students in Pre-k through 5th grade. The diverse school only has three school busses, because the majority f the students live in close proximity, and walk to school.

Boulder Bluff has technology in all of its classrooms, and is working on going one to one throughout the school.  BBE received the Title-One award for achievement., and Palmetto Gold and Silver awards throughout the years.  The school has an Elementary National Honor Society for third through fifth grade students who preform service learning projects.   Fifth-grade student Conner Vongsaly is in the Honor Society.  He says, “What we do is we do these fundraisers and things to earn money so we can do more things like make a school garden to make the school look better.”   “We are a Cool School because our teachers go above and beyond to make sure their educating the whole child.,” says principal  Andrea Salters, “Students are given a variety of opportunities to participate in programs in the regular academic environment as well as programs in our after school.”  Fifth-grade student Kylie Bosch says, “All the teachers here are nice and they are just very kind.”

Boulder Bluff also received a community wellness grant from Walmart to fund a yoga in the classroom program.   Noreen Stackhouse is a kindergarten teacher at BBE, “We have a great administration that encourages us to apply for grants and try new things. In my classroom we just recently was awarded the community wellness grant from Walmart and we were able to introduce the yoga program into our classroom.  It gives students a chance to not only be come more flexible and work on balance, but it helps with emotion regulation.. helps them to reduce anxiety and things like that.”

Boulder Bluff has learning  partners as well, mentors including grandparents, Goose Creek Police Department officers and business partners come in to mentor students.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5, we’ll take a look at the Girls on the Run program.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to me at omitchell@

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