Boulder Bluff Elementary’s Girls on the Run program promotes good health, goal setting, and confidence


Boulder Bluff Elementary is participating in the MUSC Boeing Wellness initiative which encourages schools to get their faculty and staff to become more active and pursue healthier lifestyle choices. This initiative has inspired a new after school club, “Girls on the Run .”  We’re in Berkeley county for our first Cool School  for the new school year.

Girls at Boulder Bluff Elementary are on the move, and they wouldn’t  have it any other way.  They’re excited about the Girls on the Run program.  PE teacher Lindsey Chappell says, “Girls on the Run is an experience based curriculum that creatively integrates running through the program.”   Fifteen girls in third through fifth grade are in the after school program.  It encourages good health and confidence.  Chappell says, “We talk about being positive, being healthy,  building our self esteem. I think a lot of times girls view themselves as pretty  based on their outside appearances, and what they’re wearing versus they’re pretty in their heart, and that’s what Girls on the Run likes to teach and instill in our girls.” Fifth-grade student Kylie Bosch says, “I feel that running is pretty fun actually.  I use to didn’t like to run but now I love to run. I think it’s very fun and it’s been helping me with my endurance lately, because I don’t usually have a lot of endurance.”

Lessons of good decision making, goal setting, and creating friendship are integrated in  activities of running, walking. “I love the running club,” says fifth-grade student Palmer Carroll, “It’s important so you can stay fit and healthy and you can eat a bunch of healthy food and everything.”  Principal Andrea Salters says, “We believe in educating the whole child.  Wellness is big priority here at our school which is why we have the running club.  We also participate in the MUSC  and Boeing grant for wellness which is a school initiative which not only makes sure our students are healthy but we want to make sure our staff is healthy as well.”  “Girls on the Run is so much fun,” says PE teacher Lindsey Chappell.

Girls on the Run will wrap up its first session with a 5-k celebratory race at the end of November.

Boulder Bluff also received a community wellness grant from Walmart to fund a yoga in the classroom program.

Coming up Friday on News 2, we’ll present Boulder Bluff with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to me at omitchell@

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