Jamestown Police Chief posts Facebook comment that woman says is racist


A viewer contacted us saying a police chief made racist comments to her on facebook.
On Monday, Lainey Sanders of Georgetown said a conversation was taking place on Facebook. “One of my friends was having a dispute with someone else and I got tagged to the poster. I was trying to defuse the situation.”
She said a “Jay High” commented, “‘how’s the saying go once you go black, you’re a single mother.’ And then when I saw that I was like oh wow, that’s really disrespectful.”
Lainey later realized he was John High, the Jamestown Police Chief. “He shouldn’t say that and I felt like it was really racist, especially coming from a police officer he’s supposed to be here to diffuse situations not egg them on.”
We took her concerns to Chief High. “The rest of the conversation that was actually a conversation girls got onto on social media with personal business, talking about getting into a fist fight over the baby daddy. You open yourself up for that.”
We asked if he thought his comment was racist? “No. It wasn’t intended to be racist. It’s a stereo typical type of comment like ‘white people can’t jump’ blah blah blah. It’s stereotypes. It was a joke.”
When asked if he thought it was appropriate to be commenting like that as a police chief, he said, “You know, in retrospect no. But then again, I wasn’t commenting as a police chief. I wasn’t commenting from an official page. I wasn’t on duty. I wasn’t using department equipment when I was making those comments.”
Chief High says that while he does not believe his comment was racist, he will probably not say something like that again in the future.

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