Berkeley GOP Chair Tim Callanan resigns during meeting

The chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party announced his resignation tonight. Chairman Tim Callanan made the announcement at the beginning of the party’s executive committee meeting. 
Just after the pledge and roll call, Berkeley County GOP Chairman Tim Callanan called on me to leave the meeting. 
He said this was a private meeting and they would be in executive session. I left the room, and stood outside. 
Just a couple of minutes later, the door opened, Callanan walked out of the room, out of the building and out to his car. I then saw him drive off.
I was invited back inside. First Vice Chair Rep. Samuel Rivers was now acting chairman.

After the meeting, he told me Callanan resigned effective Sept 28th for a number of reasons. “A lot of things. I think a lot of it was personality clashes. It happened as a result of things, miscommunication, not communicating and things just spiraled pretty much out of control.”
Ralph Rohrssen is not on the executive committee. He just lives in Berkeley County and wanted to learn more. “I showed up at the meeting because I understood there was some important business to be resolved.”
He described what happened when I was out of the room. “And he got up and complained about some of the allegations that have been made against him in the past, challenged some of the committee members at that point. He just basically said, ‘I am happy with myself. I’m happy with what I’ve done for the Republican Party, however as of 28 September I will tender my resignation.'”
Rohrssen said he was shocked, but knowing there will be new leadership has made him think. “I’m going to look very seriously at the executive committee member of my district and see if that person is active, and if they are not, at this stage in my life, I think it’s time to try to make a difference.”
The Berkeley County Republican Party will elect a new chairman at their October 17 meeting.

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