How to get the most out of your tank as gas prices rise


Truck drivers lining up at the pump, waiting for hours on what’s becoming liquid gold in some southern states: gas. Those lines are only getting longer after a pipeline rupture and leak in Alabama. Drivers from across the South, including the Carolinas, along with Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee could feel the pinch. Governor Haley has since declared another executive order and is working with state officials to make it easier to keep gasoline supplies flowing in South Carolina. But, there could be some gas price hikes right here in the Lowcountry.

If you are going to fill up, especially at an elevated price, you want to make sure that fuel is going to last you as long as possible. The owners at Honest 1 Auto Care gave News 2 the top five ways to get the most out of your tank.

It basically comes down to responsible driving and routine maintenance. First step, is make sure your air filter is clean.

Sherry Rector, owner at Honest 1 Auto Care, says, “This one’s not too bad, but some of them get pretty clogged up. By getting a fresh, clean air filter, you can save up to two miles per gallon on gas, just by having enough air to your engine.”

Next, check the throttle body.

Rector says, “Ethanol gums up a lot of the components of an engine, and the government is allowing you up to 10%. So, we put a fuel treatment in there that cleans up all the fuel lines to kind of get that gummy stuff back out of it so that it reduces the restrictions in the fuel lines.”

Third, make sure your tires have the recommended amount of air by using the sticker inside the door.

Rector says, “Check the recommended tire pressure, and reset all the tires to that pressure, and make sure they’re running at that pressure.”

Step four, eliminate resistance by keeping the trunk empty and the windows up.

Rector says, “If you’re driving down with your windows rolled down, you’re causing more drag on the car and so you’re going to have less efficient mileage.”

Step five, change your driving behavior.

Rector says, “If you hit the gas and tear off from a red light, and then slam on the brakes to stop at the next one, if you’re constantly hitting the gas, hitting the brakes, you’re using more fuel.”

At the end of the day, she says the best thing you can do is read your owner’s manual and get the routine maintenance done when it’s due because every little bit helps to save big at the pump.

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