Damaged bridged repaired in Summerville

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) repaired the damaged brick arch culvert on Central Avenue in downtown Summerville Saturday.central-ave-arch1

Crews will return to the site this week to remove the timber forms from the culvert and the brick debris from the stream channel.  These activities do not require any lane closures and central-ave-arch3can be performed during the week without impacting the traveling public, according to the release from the SCDOT.

On the evening of Sept 12, SCDOT was notified of damage that occurred when a vehicle collided with a brick arch culvert on Central Avenue. Inspectors visited the site multiple times per day to ensure that the culvert remained safe for vehicular travel and that the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Julia did not significantly undermine the road.  To ensure continued, long term safety, SCDOT was required to implement repairs to the structure.

central-ave-arch2 (Photos by: M. Kevin Turner/SCDOT District 6)

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