Car seat safety tips for your children

(WCBD) — Making sure your children are safe while driving in the car is a priority to most parents. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number one killer of kids in the United States.

Safe Kids, which was founded in 1988, works with more than 400 coalitions in the United States and partners with organizations in 30 countries around the world to reduce injuries from motor vehicles, sports, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings.

The organization has created “The Ultimate Car Seat Guide” to give parents practical tips for keeping kids safe in cars.

Basic Tips

  • Select the car seat or booster seat that fits your child, fits your car, fits your budget and that you will use correctly. There are basically three types of car seats: rear-facing, forward-facing and booster seat.
  • Buy a car seat that comes with the extra features you want, because adding on aftermarket products later (like a padding for the harness straps) can make your child less safe.
  • Read the labels on the car seat or booster seat before you buy. Look for the weight, height and age limits to make sure it’s the right choice for your child. (If you’re buying online, you can usually find this information in the product description in a section labeled “specification” or “specs.”)
  • Avoid borrowing a used seat or purchasing one from garage sales, flea markets or second-hand stores where you don’t know the previous owner and the complete history of the car seat. A used car seat is unsafe if it has been in a crash, has a recall, or is missing parts, labels or instructions.
  • Remember to complete and mail the registration card that comes with your car seat or booster seat. Registering your seat will make sure you are notified by the car seat manufacturer if there is ever a recall.

CLICK HERE for personalized car seat safety tips for your child.

In addition, Safe Kids coalitions host thousands of car seat checkup events around the country. Find an event here, or if there isn’t one near you, look here for a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).


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