New Moncks Corner playground is a community effort

Some concerned residents in Moncks Corner say they do not have good playground facilities in the town. They are now working to change that. 
You can hear the sound of construction at the Moncks Corner Recreation Complex.
Brad Harrop was at the complex Thursday morning. “I’ve got a number of grandkids and when I go to visit them, we go to playgrounds. And I was aware of it, that we didn’t have a playground.”
There is a playground at Lacey Park. “The one playground we do have is probably pretty close to World War II when it was built.”
It has certainly seen better days.
Nicole Blakely has a two year old son. “Cameron loves the playground, he loves playing on the swings and going on the slides.”
She also has concerns about the old playground so, “we actually visit Gahagen Park in Summerville a lot and Wannamaker Park, and would really love something here in our hometown to come and play, that’s not such a drive.”
Harrop learned that lots of people feel the same. “I came up with this idea and talked with a few people and they said it was a good idea. Talked with a few more and they said it was a great idea.”
About a year ago they formed a non-profit 14 person “Moncks Corner Playground Committee.”

They are selling bricks to raise the money needed for a playground.
Moncks Corner donated $40,000 and the space for the park. Businesses donated tens of thousands more. Blakely said, “Roper St. Francis has been a big contributor… The Kwanis club of Moncks Corner and Richard Dixon Allstate Agency has been a big contributor. Harrop adds, “Lee and Jason Southard have donated a lot of time and a lot of materials doing a lot of this contract work.”
The first of 3 phases of the playground should be ready for kids this weekend.
Organizers plan to hold a work day at the playground Saturday, to spread mulch on the new playground. That takes place from 10am-2pm, and you are invited to join them. A grand opening of the facility also takes place at that time.

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