Doctor says do not fear spray used to kill mosquitoes

Hundreds of people across the Lowcountry are worried about the effects of the chemicals used to kill mosquitoes.

Charleston County will aerially spray from Isle of Palms to North Charleston this weekend. If you want to see the schedule click here.

Ever since millions of bees were killed after spraying in Dorchester, we have seen numerous posts on social media and fielded phone calls to at News 2 from people concerned about the effects of the mosquito spray. We took your concerns to Dr. Robert Ball who specializes in infectious diseases.

First, we asked—if he has ever treated anyone poisoned by the spray? His short and simple answer was “no.” He continued to say, “I have treated people for West Nile, which like Zika, has

Second, we asked—what happens if you breathe the spray in and if there are any risks? He responded, “The risks occur if you breathe it in directly in the face at short distance, but from aerially spraying, the risk to the average person or pet on the ground is minimal to non-existent.”

Third, we asked—is the risk for us to contract a mosquito carried disease greater without the spray? Dr. Ball’s answer was “Yes. The problem is mosquitoes now in Charleston have been shown to carry the West Nile Virus and the same mosquito species have been known to carry Zika virus and the studies for that should come out shortly.”

Lastly, we asked—what would you say to people concerned about the spray? “Folks, be not concerned so much about the chemicals because they are safe and effective. Be not so much concerned for your own health or your pets or your children” [when it comes to the spray], says Dr. Ball. “Balance that against the concern for serious human health diseases like West Nile virus and potentially Zika which I pray never comes here.”

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