Chairman Summey, Mayor Tecklenberg join council to set new deadline for I-526 meeting

For decades now, there has been debate and discussion about completing I-526. On Wednesday afternoon, local leaders held a press conference and set a deadline to take the next step. If that deadline is not met, a lawsuit may be filed.
About a month and a half ago, Charleston County Council chairman Elliott Summey says the state infrastructure bank set a deadline of Tuesday of this week to wind down the contract between SCDOT, the state infrastructure bank and Charleston county regarding completion of I-526. “Mayor Tecklenburg and I were prepared to head to Columbia on yesterday to meet with the infrastructure bank board as a whole to give what we felt was a compromise. And… the meeting got canceled.”
The county received a letter from the bank board that said, “if we were so inclined, we could ask permission to extend that deadline and they would, at a future date, decide whether or not to honor that extension.”
Summey and Tecklenburg have decided to set a deadline of their own for the chairman of the state infrastructure bank. “I am asking him here publicly and will in writing, to provide by the end of business, the close of business Friday, a date certain in the next 10 days of when we will have the opportunity to make our case to the infrastructure bank board.”
Summey says when they try to negotiate with members of the board, they are told only the whole board can make decisions. “That’s why Mayor Tecklenburg and I were very upset when we found out that the meeting had been canceled.”
They are preparing to file a lawsuit if they can not meet with the board. Mayor Tecklenberg says the deadline needs to be taken seriously. “We need to have that meeting soon. Time is running out.”
Chairman Summey also announced plans to ask County Council to authorize $250,000 to be spent to finish the environmental impact statement on the I-526 project. 

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