VIRAL: Firefighter in full gear uses gym equipment to honor fallen comrades on 9/11

Courtesy Lezlie Bauler

MARYVILLE, TN (WCMH) — A Facebook post featuring a firefighter using any means necessary to honor the first responders on 9/11 is going viral.

According to the Facebook post by Enough is Enough, firefighter Jason Harding walked into a Planet Fitness, Sunday and asked if he could use the stair machine to walk 110 sets of stairs.

Harding, who was dressed in full gear at the time, said he wanted to honor his fallen brother and sisters in the 9/11 attacks.

The gym obliged with Harding’s request and worker Lezlie Bauler, took the now viral photo.

In her post she wrote, “I am not one to get emotional, but a few tears were shed. Thank you for your services.”

Since being posted, the photo has more than 130 thousand share from Bauler’s account 60 thousand shares from the Enough is Enough account.

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