Macedonia wanted criminal Eddie Gaskins in a revolving door of Justice

Berkeley County’s most wanted criminal has been in and out of jail. 
“He’s always been in a lot of trouble, you know in and out. Seems like he’s always up to no good.”
The people in Macedonia don’t feel comfortable talking about Eddie Gaskins on camera. One man who said he knows him, did not want to be identified. “I know of him pretty good. Seems like he’s always having run-ins with the law, just can’t stay out of trouble.”
The most recent trouble took place September 8th on Hootie Court. Deputies say he grabbed the mother of two of his children and threatened her with a shotgun. Gaskins then tried to flood out the home after the victim left the home.
In the past couple years, Gaskins was formally listed as a suspect in at least five separate crimes. Berkeley County Chief Deputy Mike Cochran says those crimes include, “domestic violence on a couple of occasions, he’s been charged with manufacturing cocaine… he’s been charged with burglary and things along those lines.”
Gaskins is literally in a revolving door of crimes, so we asked Cochran why Gaskins is out of jail in the first place? “Well, the nature of the beast is that you’ll get charged. If you get five years it will get reduced.”
Cochran says the longest time that he is aware that Gaskins served was 8 months. 
You can make $50-$100 if you turn Gaskins in. Call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111. 

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