Goose Creek neighborhood wants sidewalks, citing car versus pedestrian accidents

A neighborhood in Goose Creek is clamoring for sidewalks, citing several automobile versus pedestrian incidents over the years.

Carlos Iglesias was struck by a driver while he was walking on the side of the road in the Boulder Bluff neighborhood August 18th. Iglesias is still in the hospital recovering from severe head injuries and broken ribs, according to a GoFundMe post.

Neighbors in the Boulder Bluff area say it’s not safe for anyone to walk next to the streets.”If it’s at night I’m always on the lookout because there’s always somebody that’s happened to walk into the street.” said Lawrence Jay Alexis “it’s very dangerous.” Alexis has been trying to get sidewalks installed for 30 years and is worried for his grandchildren that walk to the elementary school in the neighborhood. “You go down Amy Drive during school pickup hours and there are cars and kids everywhere,” added Alexis.

The community has its own Facebook group called Sidewalks For Boulder Bluff. Members post videos of cars appearing to move above the speed limit and the latest in the effort to get Goose Creek to build the sidewalks. Neighbors claim Goose Creek has offered to build walks through people’s front yards rather than over the the drainage ditches closer to the roads. “They’re just doing whatever they can do to keep the people quiet,” said Alexis, who will speak at Goose Creek city council on the issue Tuesday.

“It’s actually angering after thirty years they still cant come to a solution,” said Alexis “somebody has to do something.”

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