Upstate man jailed without alibi being checked, says lawyer

SENECA, SC (WSPA) – A lawyer for a man that was arrested in Seneca, says that police never checked his client’s alibi before charging him with kidnapping. Those charges were later dropped.

Michael Fruster was arrested in July by Seneca Police after a woman in his car told police she had been kidnapped. The two had met at Mullens Bar and Grill in Seneca and left together.

Police charged Fruster with kidnapping, and since he couldn’t make bail, he sat in jail for 4 days. Seneca Police then re-interviewed the victim Stephanie Anna Douglas about what happened, and she confessed to lying.

Douglas was charged with filing a false police report and Fruster’s charges were dropped and he was let go.

Fruster is now suing the Seneca Police Department for $300,000.

One of the officers on the case, resigned since the lawsuit has been filed.

We reached out to Seneca Police for comment, but said they could not comment on pending litigation.

To read the full lawsuit, click here: Michael Fruster Lawsuit

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