Teens arrested after police chase

Five teens have been arrested after a high-speed chase Thursday evening on Dorchester Road.

It started when a trooper with the South Carolina Highway Patrol reported possible shots fired around the area of The Cedars and Windsor Hill Boulevard in North Charleston. The teens were seen leaving that same area and were allegedly involved in a hit and run accident earlier that evening. As the teenagers were leaving the scene, they passed another highway patrol trooper who tried to stop them. The suspect vehicle did not stop. The highway patrol and officers with North Charleston Police gave chase. While officers were attempting to stop the teens, the vehicle reached speeds ranging from 32 to 80 mph.

Officers with the North Charleston Police Department were finally able to block the vehicle behind the “A Mart” Convenience Store at the corner of Dobson Street and Remount Road. The teens then surrendered to police without further incident.

Four of the five suspects were under age along with 17-year old Avery Adams. The teens are facing firearms charges. The driver is charged with failure to stop.

As for the shots fired, deputies have not found a victim or property damage.

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