Lowcountry family stays on the move thanks to CCC

CHARLESTON  COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — The High family is all about rock and roll.

9-year-old Max and 3-year-old Alex love to jam out to rock music in their North Charleston home. But, their rocking out is a little different then other kids. They have a special dance they perform in their wheelchairs.

“Just because you have SMA doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I’ll show you!” cheers Max.

The brothers are both confined to a wheelchair due to Spinal Muscle Atrophy, a degenerative disease.

When Max was first diagnosed as a baby, it was difficult news for parents Aaron and Traci. They needed to learn more about the disease and how to best care for their son.

That’s when Carolina Children’s Charity stepped in. They organization paid some of the funds to allow the Highs to attend a conference about SMA.

“That was huge, meeting other families,” said Traci.

The charity also contributed in ways that makes it easier for the kids to enjoy the same luxuries as other kids, like helping them purchase a swing.

The charity also helped with the cost of a van modification to make it easier for the boys to travel safely in their wheelchairs.

All money donated to Carolina Children’s Charity goes to help families with children born with birth defects or other diseases. The charity helps fill the financial holes that insurance may not cover.

For more information about CCC  and how to donate, visit here.

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