How people in Berkeley County spent their day out in Berkeley County waters

With today being Labor Day and an extra day of what turned out to be a beautiful weekend, lots of people chose to spend time outside. 
It was a perfect day for a Labor Day holiday on the Tail Race Canal. Anthony McCall and a buddy of his stopped by the watch the boats ride up and down the canal. “It’s kind of peaceful and relaxing right now. So I’m really enjoying it.”
Robert Bennett was loading his boat back on the truck, when he talked about what Labor Day means to him. “What it means to me is having a day off. Because I work 6 or 7 days a week around the clock.”
Olivia Hasegawa and her friend were excited about the day on the water. “We’re going to be going out in the boat and jet ski having fun.”
Tim Carter agreed, “I’m not at work. Hey Jim Lizzie, Jason Freeman see you Friday! That’s all I got to say.”
Today also a big day for firsts on Lake Moultrie. Scott Shore’s grandaughter sat on the edge of Lake Moultrie with a pink fishing pole in the water. “This is my first time fishing.”
Hoping to catch a fish, but still kinda scared of the worm. Scott said, “We just came out here and thought we’d try our luck and see what we could catch.”
Little Alexandra Grace is swimming for the first time at Overton Park. Her father Julio said, “She want(ed) to learn how to swim today. She excited too. She is ready.”
At another shelter at Overton, Peggy Mahoney’s daughter and nieces splashed around in the water. “This is what I’ve done all my life. Being around family, I just want my daughter and my nieces to grow up the same way.”

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