Group fights for ways to keep Downtown Bi-Lo, or idea of it, open

Not everybody is ready to say goodbye to a downtown grocery store closing next month

The Bi-Lo on Meeting Street will close October 5, according to the store’s parent company. However, one group is trying to make sure either the store stays or an affordable market stay takes its place.

The Lowcountry Up is Good wants the City of Charleston to use eminent domain to take over the parcel the store sits on. “We don’t want Charleston to become another food desert like North Charleston,” said William Hamilton, one of the organizers that is also urging people to boycott other Bi-Lo’s, “it’s a central institution for the people of the East side.”

“It’s sad for everybody, we’re talking about a 50-plus year institution,” said State Representative Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston). Gilliard added although the Bi-Lo had different names before, it was always the community’s store.

The company that owns the land has not formally announced what they want to to do with the site.

Gilliard says he, along with city councilmen and others concerned, will meet with Mayor John Tecklenburg on this issue.

“People can’t afford some of these other grocery stores – we have to understand that, said Gilliard, “it has to be a store there for eternity.”

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