Flight Attendant delivers hilarious ‘Looney Tunes’ landing announcement

NBC 4 Staff

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight remained “vewy, vewy quiet” when a flight attendant delivered an “animated” landing announcement this week.

Zach Haumesser impersonated nearly a dozen characters from the classic Warner Bros. cartoon series “Looney Tunes” as the plane prepared to touch down in Chicago on Thursday.

Beginning with Elmer Fudd and then launching into an uncanny Bugs Bunny impression, Haumesser even gave a shout out to the Utah Valley University men’s soccer team — who were on the plane — as the carrot-eating hare.

Daffy Duck asked passengers to remain clear of the “doorth” for their “thafety,” while Yosemite Sam reminded them to “please, I say, please” check their connecting flights.

Haumesser also impersonated Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Pepe Le Pew and the Tasmanian Devil in his “Looney Tune” mash-up.

Co-worker Jordy Elizabeth captured the seamless routine on video, uploading it to Facebook with the caption, “This is just one of the million reasons why I LOVE my job.”

By Sunday afternoon, the video had racked up more than 655 shares and over 110,000 views, while on YouTube, the video was viewed more than 1.4 million times in just two days.

Of course, Porky Pig returned to close out the show with a “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” followed by a “Meep, meep” from the Road Runner.

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