DNR monitoring Labor Day boaters

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Labor Day in the Lowcountry is out on the water. Remley Point in Mt. Pleasant was busy as people enjoyed the great weather and break from work. The DNR was out in full force to make sure people were celebrating safely. They say there are a few things every boater can do to stay out of danger.

SCDNR 1st Sgt. Angus McBride says, “You are responsible for your own safety.”

One way to stay safe, wear a life jacked.

McBride says, “We encourage you to get one that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear because we want you to wear it. 75% of our boating related fatalities statewide are because of drowning.”

And, just like in a car, have a designated sober driver.

McBride says, “We are looking for impaired drivers. Boating under the influence has the same penalties as driving under the influence. It’s a serious crime and we’re doing our best to find it.”

Boaters were constantly loading and unloading from Remley Point. One group was the Abrams family.

Dad, Tim Abrams, says, “We had a chance to take the kids out tubing, wake boarding and it was a good day.”

He says staying sober is a must as a boat captain.

Abrams says, “People need to realize that when you’re out on the water, you sweat a lot more so a normal beer that you’d have sitting around your house is like 2 or 3 out on the water, so people get intoxicated a lot faster than they might realize out here.”

He says they also keep friends informed of their boating plans.

Abrams says, “That way if we’re not back at that point somebody knows where we were launching out from and where we were going to be.”

DNR also asks everyone to remember to purchase the proper fishing licenses. Spending $10 on a license could save you over $1,000 in fines.

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