SC Department of Transportation issues notice on possible bridge closures

(WCBD) The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is preparing for increased winds from Tropical Storm Hermine to begin impacting the state around mid-morning Friday. Moveable swing bridges in the coastal areas will be locked down for vehicle traffic as soon as sustained winds reach 25 mph. No openings will be made for nautical traffic until the winds subside.

SCDOT works closely with law enforcement regarding safe travel for the high level structures in the Charleston area including the Ravenel, Holt and Wando Bridges.

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When sustained winds reach speeds of 30 mph, law enforcement will warn operators of high profile vehicles such as semi-trucks, box delivery trucks, RVs and travel trailers not to use these bridges. Drivers of passenger vehicles are encouraged to use extreme caution.

If sustained winds reach 40 mph, local law enforcement agencies will notify the public that travel over those bridges are unsafe for travel and not for public use. When winds reach a sustained 40 mph, anyone crossing the bridges is doing so at their own risk as law enforcement agencies may not be able to staff all locations.  In addition, the public is warned that regardless of sustained wind speeds, unexpected and hazardous wind gusts of higher speeds could occur.

SCDOT urges all drivers to use caution for your own safety, the safety of other drivers and for those are working to keep the highways open.

Updates will be provided on SCDOT’s Facebook page and Twitter. 

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