Charleston County bridges open; travel at your own risk

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — During severe weather, specifically during Tropical Storm Hermine covering the county Friday, the South Carolina Department of Transportation says it will work with law enforcement to monitor the weather and wind speeds on high-structure bridges. Specific bridges to note include Ravenel, Holt, and Wando. SCDOT officials advise caution during the high-wind event.

SCDOT and law enforcement publicize the following for large bridges until the wind dies:

Swing bridges along the coast will be locked for vehicle traffic only. Bridges are closed to nautical traffic.

Once sustained winds reach 30 miles per hour, law enforcement warns drivers of semi-trucks, delivery trucks, RV’s, or travel trailers not to use the bridges.

Once sustained winds reach 40 miles per hour, local law enforcement will warn all drivers that the bridges are not safe for travel and should not be used. Officials also remind drivers that even with sustained winds at a moderate level, there could be gusts that reach much greater speeds and pose danger.

BOTTOM LINE: Bridges are not officially closed to drivers. However, if you do choose to travel one of these bridges during increased wind speeds, you do so at your own risk.

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