Tropical Storm Hermine, Amy Schumer’s unsuspected fan, and singing to raise money for Alzheimer’s

Courtesy: Facebook @songaminute

(WCBD) — Tropical Storm Hermine is trending on social media in the Southeast.

Amy Schumer is also trending, after she and J.K. Rowling exchanged some words over Twitter this week. Schumer is on her stand up world tour, and was recently in Scotland. J.K. Rowling was at the show and tweeted about it.

A man is sharing his dad’s singing in an effort to raise money to fund research for Alzheimer’s. Mac Dermott’s dad once traveled, singing at nightclubs. He was known as the “Song a Minute Man” because he knew so many lyrics.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His son says he is most peaceful and most himself when he sings.

CLICK HERE to donate to Alzheimer’s Society.

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