Preparing for Hermine in Berkeley County

With a serious storm headed our way, what are electricity providers doing to be ready for disaster? 
“We’re prepared for the worst, but we’re hoping for the best.” Leisa Stilley, Berkeley Electric Cooperative’s Director of Communications says they are getting ready. “Everybody’s been called to action. We’ve reviewed our plans. Our trucks are fueled up and ready. We’ve got our crew supports ready.”
There are things you can do too. “Of course, you know, having plenty of water and I would recommend some coolers with ice right now because of the temperature outside. But also… stay away from any downed lines and call us and report them.”
Crews at other cooperatives across the state have also been notified that they may be needed. SCE&G says they are also prepared with some 100 off-system contract crews ready to be called in.
Michael LaRose knows a thing or two about disaster. “I think it was about 4 days I couldn’t get out of the house.”
Last year he was up the creek at his home on the French Quarter Creek in Berkeley County when the creek flooded. “The dock rose up and the rings came up right over the top of those pilings… What are you going to do? You know I sat it out, that’s all.”
His boat almost floated away, and a car was destroyed.
LaRose says he is getting ready for Hermine. “Just a little bit of moving a little bit of stuff here and there. I’ll keep my eye on the water. If the water comes over that wall and starts working this way I’ll get to high ground. I’ll just unload and get out of here. That’s it… I’m not gonna sit through it again.”
Berkeley Electric Cooperative and SCE&G keep their power outages listed on their website. If power goes out, we will also have that updated information here at 

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