Lowcountry flood victims prep for Hurricane Hermine

As Hurricane Hermine heads for the Lowcountry, the historic floods of October are still fresh on a lot of people’s minds. Darlene Taylor-Williams has one word that explains her feelings on Hurricane Hermine, “panic”. That’s because in October, her house was under water.

She says, “Three months ago we had some heavy rain that came down and we almost got flooded again. We could see the water coming almost into the house.”

People in Pepperhill neighborhood are not strangers to flooding. In fact, Taylor-Williams had to pay close to $90,000 to repair her home after the October floods and says she is doing everything in her power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

She says, “We ended up getting a loan to put furniture back in the house, put walls back up, appliances, everything. So everything that was on the ground that had water in it we had to get rid of.”

She wasn’t required to have flood insurance before, but has it now and is trying to be proactive.

Taylor-Williams says, “With that happening, hearing this, I knew, ‘let me come get some sandbags and get home and get this around the house so we can get started’.”

She is getting dozens of sandbags to guard her house, is stocking up on candles, flashlights, and food.

Taylor-Williams says, “Have my insurance papers and everything, making sure I have that where it’s not low and it’s high.”

She’s praying for the best.

She says, “We’re afraid, but we’re prepared.”

Free sandbags will be available to North Charleston residents on Friday from 8:30am-5pm at the Public Works Department (5800 Casper Padgett Way) and also at these locations.


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