Week 1 Blitz Picks

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Week 1 is here and so is the first installment of the “Blitz Picks,” driven by Palmetto Ford.

News 2 anchor Brendan Clark and Sports Director Evan West picked the winner out of five thrilling games:

           1. Goose Creek vs. Cane Bay (Blitz on 2 Game of the week) 

  • Evan – Goose Creek
  • Brendan – Cane Bay

            2. West Ashley vs. Bishop England

  • Evan – Bishop England
  • Brendan – West Ashley

           3. Fort Dorchester vs. Colleton County 

  • Evan – Fort Dorchester
  • Brendan – Fort Dorchester

           4. Stratford vs. Berkeley 

  • Evan – Stratford
  • Brendan – Stratford

            5. Pinewood Prep vs. Northwood Academy 

  • Evan – Pinewood Prep
  • Brendan – Pinewood Prep

Watch all the highlights every Friday night at 11pm on the #BlitzOn2!

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