Friday marks National Dog Day, Britney Spears does Carpool Karaoke, and Katie Ledecky turns down $5M

(WCBD) — Friday marks National Dog Day. #NationalDogDay is trending on Twitter, with thousands of people sharing pictures of their pets.

Britney Spear is trending and for more than one reason. On Thursday, the pop star took a spin for James Cordon’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ where the two sang some of her greatest hits. Lifetime is making a TV movie about Spears, but she says she wants nothing to do with it. The movie titled “Britney” will focus on the singer’s rise to fame, her past troubles, including her marriage to Kevin Federline, and her current success.

On Thursday Britney’s representatives said she will not be contributing to the film in any way, shape or form, nor does she give the movie her blessing.

Production for “Britney” is set to begin in September, and is expected to premiere on LIfetime in 2017.

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky has turned down an estimated $5 million per year in endorsements so she could attend college instead. Ledecky says she always wanted to swim collegiate and have the experience. Ledecky delayed enrollment for a year to train for the Rio Olympics. She will be attending Stanford University.

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