Community tries to boost attendance to high school football game

A local community is coming together to boost up the local high school football team. Leaders at the North Charleston United Methodist Church say they have been to some local football games where it seemed like there were more players on the field than fans in the bleachers, so they are putting on a tailgate to encourage people to show up.

Pastor at the North Charleston United Methodist Church, Rev. Wendy Hudson-Jacoby, says, “Last year we pulled together an entire neighborhood group called the “Park Circle Neighbors Support Local Schools” and we pulled those together, and encouraged folks to attend the games. This year we thought we would take that a step further and improve the relationship with the families, students, and just have a chance to show the students the community is rooting for them and cares about them.”

They have food, face painting, and North Charleston High School fan gear, with all proceeds going to the athletic department. North Charleston’s Head Coach says they don’t have a booster club because they don’t like an outside group having control of their funding. He says the community stepping up with lift the spirits of the team.

Head Coach Andre Duncan says, “A lot of parents don’t have the opportunity to come out in this area. I think that will be good, it will be like a foster, someone stepping in for the parents and support the kids, and I think when they see that type of support they’re going to play harder.”

The team was escorted to the stadium by the North Charleston Fire Department, and the marching band and cheerleaders plan to lead the fans to the game.




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